Experience Empowerment

Very much like Santiago’s journey (in The Alchemist) across the seas and sands, only to come full circle back at the base of the sycamore tree from where his journey began, I release this post as a direct follow-up to the last lines in my ‘About‘ page exactly a year after I’ve joined Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy

I suppose that’s what great minds mean when they speak of the purpose in the journey and not the destination. I stand back at the exact same spot: the same office chair, the same computer, my same apartment and even the same desk from where I currently type these very words but some things inside me have transformed. At moments like these, I can only stand in awe at the beautiful, poetic ways in which life reveals her motions to us.

Standing In Awe at Phobjikha Valley

Below is an interview between BBS radio and I, about Youth Summit where I was a Program Coordinator. Here’s a quote taken straight from the interview to nudge you towards sacrificing 20 minutes of your life, away from our filtered, touched-up, photoshopped digital reality towards something real.

“… looking back on your own life; having the courage to ask difficult questions to yourself; But it’s also about solidarity and diversity actually… learning that you are not alone in this world as a youth you know, no matter what kind of problems you have, someone else is in the same boat with you …. But up until you see all that people with you take that step forward, you are trapped in your own mind thinking that you are the only one; And no one is able to understand you … Through this exercise you realize that you are not the only one; and that you are in this together. When they get to see it physically, they learn to value diversity in a much more deeper sense of the word. Not just looking at each other’s skin color, the languages we speak, or the ethnicities we are from, or the social class we belong to

Photo by Rigsar Wangchuk / Taken at the Youth Summit

But trying to transcend all of that to realize, there is something within all of us that makes us human”


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